Welcome to VPH-Share

A collaborative VPH environment for workflow developers and users

VPH-Share is building a safe, online facility in which medical simulation developers can produce workflows - chains of processing tasks - to allow raw medical data to be refined into meaningful diagnostic and therapeutic information. Via an easy to use graphical interface, all the functions needed by workflow developers will be provided, including design, construction, data-access and storage, high-speed computations, sensitivity analyses and results presentations. By allowing users to work collaboratively, and concentrate only on the actual workflow design process, we estimate that over half the tasks usually associated with workflow project construction can be avoided. Huge savings in time can be made while complex interactions with infrastructure designers can be avoided. VPH-Share will have simple workflows running within minutes.

  • Online facility for medical simulation workflows
  • 50% of workflow construction tasks avoided
  • Workflow development functions provided
  • Huge time savings






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